Turbulent Times

A1 Bar fight

Charles, Odin, Finn MacCool, Marvik, Craig

In a small tavern an assortment of individuals mull over their new lives in the city of Belta over a mug of ale. Two indigenous people and a larger, clearly rich, man raise their voices about… who knows what. When things turn violent a dwarf throws himself into the frey with all the gusto slightly inebriation brings. other join in and stop the fight just after weapons are pulled. The fat man exclaims that he’s never been more insulted while the other two scream injustice. While the brawling dwarf shares a drink with his fighting companion the others discover the issue concerns a territory dispute where supposedly the city is encroaching on indigenous land. As the native men leave the exclaim that they have made their point: leave off our land! Later that night the fat man, now seriously intoxicated, tells the new found friends that were they to solve this situation for him he would repay them with the finest wine around. They accept the offer and, after provisioning themselves, make their way in the direction of the disputed land.

The party travels south through the savanna towards the desert. After fighting a boar they realize they aren’t sure where their final destination is. Following a newly made trail to a small village they hire a guide and head off.

Before they make camp for the second time they come to a stream where the brawler spots a small group of kobolds. With the perceived enemy unaware the group formulates a battle plan and charge in, seizing the initiative. One kobold manages to escape after surrendering all his belongings to the brawling dwarf.

They camp



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