Turbulent Times

A9 Hey Carlyle
Marvik, Finn MacCool, Adwarf, Odin
  • Orin helps the injured party members recover after their fall
  • Finn MacCool kills a stirge that was attacking Orin in the middle of the night
  • They get to Belta and sell extra stuff they picked up
  • Orin rents a place for 10 gp/month
  • Orin finds Evron Harmonot and sells the Dwarven tablets to him for 50gp and purchases a cure light wounds potion
  • The party meets at the initial tavern, the Blunt Spectacles. They discover the name and location of the fat man, Carlyle, that assigned them the task
  • They make a plan. Finn MacCool and Craig are dead. Food of the tribes ruined. Dwinn (Adwarf Dwitler) does the talking.
  • Dwinn (Adwarf Dwitler) tries to get 4-5k from Carlyle. Manages to get 1k despite the contract not being legitimate (and he only offered a bottle of wine initially)
  • party told to wait and that they will be contacted shortly to make trade with the tribesmen
A8 In the company of Dwarves
Marvik, Adwarf, Odin
  • The Dwarves decide to return to Belta and hire a Dwarven guide to help them navigate the treacherous underdark
  • They examine old maps and find that the outpost used to trade with some mountain tribes through the underdark. The party studies the maps and set out
  • The guide spots and kills an executioner hood. they find a few citrines, small yellow gems
  • In a large cavern the party finds a path in an opening 60ft up, which they discover, was home to a bat swarm
  • After avoiding the bat swarm the party continues and finds a large group of kobolds in mid sermon
  • They negotiate travel with the kobolds to the mountains
  • OUtside the cave in the mountains the party sees they are fairly close to Belta and begin descending
  • They all fall down a cliff are are all incapacitated save for Orin
A7 Hiho, hiho into the hole we go
Marvik, Craig, Finn MacCool, Adwarf, Odin, Daniel

The party continues along the rim of the pit when, as quiet descends among the adventurers, they hear echoing scratching noises moving deliberately closer. They hurry along and end up taking a side passage out of the large cave into a smaller ant carved tunnel which leads slowly downwards.

After following this path for some time the descent downwards rapidly turns into a shear drop. The party decides to call upon its local rogue to explore the next part. He descends using a rope and reports that the cost is clear. While some make it safely downwards using the large mushrooms coating the edges as platforms and handholds some loose their footing and fall. In this next room they find giant mushrooms everywhere. The ants, they decide are using this as their food source. Clearly some of the adventurers are planning to destroy the food source just as they have done with the tribesmen.

The party splits here as the Dwarves, considering themselves superior, go with their natural tendencies to descend, and so find a path downwards, while the rest of the party goes upwards in search of a possible escape route. The Dwarves come upon another drop, and they mostly manage to descend safely. However, Orin falls down the hole and into a large pool of water. Shortly after he falls he feels large teeth sink into his leg and attempt to pull him beneath the surface of the water. They fall. Ride an ant. almost get eaten by a big fish.

Travel in the under water passage to find a barricade. They travel past it to find a sleeping Dwarf on guard duty. He shows them around where he lives and the party realizes that this place is an ancient Dwarven outpost. They have tunnels to the underdark as well as a connection to the surface, through a few centuries ago the ants overran the small garrison.

A6 Wait. Why are we here?
Marvik, Craig, Morc, Odin, Daniel

In the middle of the night a party of three Dwarves an Orc and a Human riding horses in the desert are surprised to find a naked elf, using an unusually aggressive snake as clothing, covered in sand in a failed attempt to hide. They group up and decided to find where the half-drow went. In the nearby building they descend 60ft with the help of some rope and stones to find their companion Finn MacCool on the ground unconscious. Nearby Marvik sees a skeleton looming over the elf. With a quick blow the skeletal head is shattered They set their fallen friend in a safe location as they explore the surrounding area. First they see 6 skeletons in a northern room, which they decide to deal with later. They then enter eastern room, which appears to be a long hallway, which they decide to deal with later. Next they open the southern door, where they find and dispatch a small earth elemental. They also discover that one section of wall is an illusion hidden a portcullis which seems to lead to a source of water. Behind the bars is a trap which they dismantle by throwing rocks. They decide to deal the large broken doors on the far end of the storeroom later. They open the westward door to find 4 skeletons which are alerted to their presence and attack. Once the skeletons are dispatched the party finds that this room has a large opening from which they may attack the 6 skeletons. they do so and it nearly costs Morc his life. They manage to clear the area of undead and return to the eastern door. Here they find a masterwork Dwarven axe, which Content Not Found: odin-2 equips. Returning to central chamber the party rests for 3 days.

Once they are rested they return south through the large broken doors to find that this is a source of air. The wind seems to be rising from this location out through what appears to be a Dwarven outpost.

They enter to find droppings from fairly small creature. The druids tastes it to discover that whatever the creature is, it eats fungus. At the lip of the pit the party decides to throw a small illuminated stone down the hole. As the stone falls they see hundreds of small moving creatures along the walls.

Making their way around the pit they come upon what appears to be a giant Ant. With some discussion the party decides that it is not a natural ant, it seems to be blind and it most likely has a hive mind, though they aren’t sure to what degree the hive mind functions. Quietly making their way past the creature [[:daniel-11 | Daniel] stumbles into it, panics and attacks. Marvik grapples it as the others hit it repeatedly. When it it dead they stand still, listening for the sound of other ants…

A5 Well ****
Marvik, Craig, Finn MacCool, Morc, Adwarf, Odin, Daniel

Finn MacCool and Dwinn (Adwarf Dwitler) meet with the village elder and begin discussing how the latest events will affect discussions. Finn MacCool says that Belta demands tribute if they are to leave the land to the tribes. The elder is appalled and tells the entire party to leave the village. Dwinn (Adwarf Dwitler) explains what has happened to those absent from the meeting. He finds Marvik and Morc drinking with a few orcs. Meanwhile, Finn MacCool heads into the stone building, finds the food source and his curiosity leads him into confrontation with a Dire Rat. He kills it and return to the party to get Craig. Unable to quietly extract the druid without getting attention from the rest of the party the rogue must explain what he has said to the group. When discussions become heated the two slip away to the stone building. The druid ruins the store with the spell create water as Finn MacCool breaks the pottery. When they leave Marvik attacks Finn MacCool and the rogue surrenders. They bring the two offenders to the village elder who, after reviewing what they have done, sentence them to banishment from the tribes to the open desert without any supplies. The rest of the party decides to attempt to make amends for their actions and are told that Belta must pay for the loss food which is a price tag of 2-3k gold pieces.

They wait a day and head to save their companions. On the way they are attacked by a giant scorpion who views the mounts as a good meal. They dispatch it and travel through the night to arrive at a small stone building which resembles a temple.

The two offenders are brought to a stone building and after an hour or so manage to remove their bindings and, with the help of a large stone, break into the building. Once inside Finn MacCool opens a well and descends the 60ft drop to the basement floor of a worked stone construction. He opens the nearest door and is laid low by a skeleton. He falls unconscious as his blood soaks into the dry stone floor.

A4 Summit
Marvik, Craig, Finn MacCool, Morc, Adwarf, Odin

AS the party wakes, save for Odin, who eschews sleep with the help of the spell Keep Watch, they are unsure whether they should return to Belta or continue hunting Almiraj (Jackalopes). They decide on hunting. In order to cover more ground the party splits into two, though it seems that perhaps the idea is the segregation of the Dwarves. The h-orc barbarian charges a lion who is feeding. The attacks does not cripple the beast as the party was hoping and it turns into a real fight. However the lion is quickly surrounded and dispatched. As luck would have it the lion is eating 3 more Jackalopes. The party harvest the horns and obtains a meal of lion for later.

They then return to Shishkabob though they encounter 2 crocodiles at the river. With the help of darkness from Finn MacCool the crocodiles are handicapped and everyone takes turns crossing on the boat.

When they get to Shishkabob the party goes to see the elder who reveals that the Almiraj horns, as marks of the prowess of the hunter, are traditionally used as weapons made not for the purposes of hunting food but for killing a person. The horns turn a body killed with it to stone. The party immediately begins to search for the best way to make their horns mpre deadly. They have Odin turn one into a javelin using spare parts for collected javelins the first day. The next Odin crafts another and they pay 100gp to a tribesman to create a knife for them.

The following day sees the arrival of representatives of all the nearby tribes. Most are human though there are Kobold as well as Orc tribes. There is even one tribe who arrives on the back of an Elephant and Rhinoceros.

The tribesmen gather in the expansive stone building that the Shishkabobeians use a storage for the surrounding food. The local elder explains to those gathered that he called the meeting because the representatives from Belta would like to propose that Belta join in the alliance of the tribes. Finn MacCool, Morc and Dwinn (Adwarf Dwitler) take the stage. They propose that because Belta specializes in trade they offer to the tribesman access to the trade goods that are only available far beyond the reach without the technology Belta has. In return they would like to have access to the food the land south of Belta can supply, if worked properly. As some tribesmen begin to show that they are amicable to this arrangement an Orc stands and adamantly opposes the acceptance of Belta in the alliance. He explains that they came to this land and attempted to take what they could. When it became clear that they could not freely have the land they sought they now seek to make empty promises to obtain through guile what they could not obtain through theft. As he walks out of his seat he says that it is impossible to reconcile how Belta has acted and so he leaves explaining that the mountain will marks those that side with the transgressors.

Marvik, Odin and Dwinn (Adwarf Dwitler) follow the orc out and attempt to persuade him, saying that they understand that Belta has not acted as they should though in the future this will be corrected. The orc says he would sooner take the word of Belta over the word of a dwarf. Marvik challenges him to a fight, the winner conceding the others point. The orc says he fights only to the death. Marvik accepts on the conditions that no weapons are used. The orc stipulates a starting distance of 100ft in open desert. The conditions are agreed and the orc leaves for the meeting place. Marvik return to the meeting hall and announces the challenge and why he felt he had no choice but challenge, for the good of Belta and the tribes.

Marvik starts the encounter by slowly closing the gap but remaining defensive. However, when he sees that Thranock is a magic user he abandons this approach and rushes to get a close as possible. Before he can do this a Giant Centipede is summoned. The monk attempts to skirt the insect but it charges in and attacks. Ignoring the minor threat Marvik moves closer as he dodges both the rays of fire and the harrying stings. Marvik begins the assault as Thranock continues to douse the area in fire. Before he falls the monk remembers the healing berries his Druidic friend gave him and manages to consume them before it is too late and then renders his toothy adversary unconscious. With utmost formality the local elder hands Marvik his horn to finish the challenge. Thranock dies, skewered by Marvik outside of Shishkabob.

A3 The hunt for... ummmm... Jackalopes!!
Marvik, Craig, Finn MacCool, Morc, Adwarf

The meeting with the village elder of Shishkabob goes well. The elder asks them why they have come to which they respond that they seek to resolve the land issue between RCS (Belta) and the tribes. They ask why the land disputes to the north matters so much to shishkabob that they would send people to the city. The lelder responds that the tribes must act as one. What affects one will affect the others and so it is they responsibility to support their neighbors when they are weak. The party then asks what they can do to obtain the land for farming. The elder responds that it is unlikely that they will obtain any land. He cannot speak for the other tribes but he suspects that the other will not leave their ancestral lands for any price. He instead suggests that if they seek the bounty of that one tribe holds they become part of the community. To do this a meeting of of the tribes must be called and the issue brought before all members. He suggests that they consider what position they wish to have in the community. He also explains that traditionally those who seek to become members will honorably obtain a horn from an Almiraj. Marvik corrects the elder’s obvious mistake and clarifies that the animals are called Jackalopes, not Almiraj.

The party sets out to hunt Jackalopes which they discover can be found near the river. Before the night settles they find and kill one. Though Marvik takes heavy damage. The next day they cross the river with their canoe and continue to hunt. The guide finds another Jackalopes which is dispatched with only minor injuries.

The party makes for the night. However, before they settle into sleep Dwinn (Adwarf Dwitler) hears someone speaking in Orcish just outside their campsite. He learns that they plan on attacking the party during the middle of the night when the pick skinned ones will be blind. The party decides to attack before this has time to happen. Morc mounts the zebra while the others fasten the canoe behind the beast width ways. Morc then charges into the midst of the Orcsin an attempt to scatter an confuse them. It functions long enough to allow Dwinn (Adwarf Dwitler) to cast grease while Craig engages in combat. Craig falls, unconscious, just before Marvik has time to come to his support. In the meantime Finn MacCool begins throwing daggers at an orc who has lost his footing in the grease. Fully engaged in melee the Orcs take heavy damage, particularly from Morc, and then are dispatched by Finn MacCool. The last remaining Orc burns alive after Dwinn (Adwarf Dwitler) set the grease on fire with spark.

The adventurers rest.

The next day they continue traveling in search of Jackalopes.

A2 To Shishkabob!
Marvik, Craig, Finn MacCool

The party awakens and continue their journey to Shishkabob. Sometime during the day Marvik begins to notice he isn’t feeling very well. they continue traveling for some time.

The next morning everyone is woken to the sound of rustling nearby. They see a small shape rummaging through a nearby travel sack. Marvik quickly decides to punt the thief. Several feet away they find the monkey dead where it landed. Marvik, feeling worse than the previous day he begins to worry about his condition though the remainder of the day is uneventful.

Nearly unable to walk Marvik feels an odd sensation in his throat as he attempts to quench his thirst. In an attempt to dislodge whatever may eb in his throat he forces himself to vomit. He regurgitates a small creature their guide recognizes as an Apluachra. It travels along waterways and when it finds a living creature it lodges in its throat and consumes the food and water of its host. After a small meal and some rest Marvik begins to feel better and the party continues.

Later that day Craig finds a herd of zebra. He manages to befriend one of them and decides to ride it. Finn MacCool spots some spears off to the left of their intended path, clearly laying in wait. After deciding against shouting and pointing towards the threat the party decides to play it cool and continue on their path. little did they know to their right were other, better concealed spears. 6 Kobolds spring out as the party travels between the lizard creatures. Marvik quickly reverts to tried and true football tactics while Finn MacCool fails to strike. With the precision of expert warriors the remaining Kobolds make quick work of Marvik and Finn MacCool. Having been delayed after falling from the zerba, Craig joins the battle late and utilizes a strategic retreat as his animal companion and summoned centipede strike down multiple Kobolds. After the Kobolds retreat Craig decides to prepare healing spells to aid the recovery of his companions. In the meantime he decides to hunt and gather nearby food.

After a couple days of resting the party is again ready to travel. Before midday they arrive at a wide river. Their guide explains that usually they have canoes to cross however the crocodiles are well fed with the migration and so the danger is less than usual. Craig has problems swimming across but Craig returns into the water to aid his companion. However both begin to have problems. With the help of the snake animal companion both manage to extract themselves and continue.

With the water having veered off the land quickly turns into much more harsh desert. Before long Marvik spots someone hiding behind a large boulder with a blowpipe at the ready. He charges and gets a hold of the human as a dozen others reveal themselves not very much further up the road. With the human captive, the party reveals their intentions of meeting with the Shishkabob tribe to discuss the recent events at the bar and so the natives tell the adventurers that they are the Shishkabob and would agree bring the party to the tribe if they release their brother. A truce is called and just before night fall the party arrives at the village, which consists of a cluster of mud huts with a very large building made of worked sandstone off to the side of the village.

The party is told they will meet with the elder tomorrow and that they are welcome to make camp wherever they like. Just before resting for the night Marvik approaches a man who is clearly keeping an eye on the party what the purpose of the large building is. They are told that it is where they store their food.

A1 Bar fight
Charles, Odin, Finn MacCool, Marvik, Craig

In a small tavern an assortment of individuals mull over their new lives in the city of Belta over a mug of ale. Two indigenous people and a larger, clearly rich, man raise their voices about… who knows what. When things turn violent a dwarf throws himself into the frey with all the gusto slightly inebriation brings. other join in and stop the fight just after weapons are pulled. The fat man exclaims that he’s never been more insulted while the other two scream injustice. While the brawling dwarf shares a drink with his fighting companion the others discover the issue concerns a territory dispute where supposedly the city is encroaching on indigenous land. As the native men leave the exclaim that they have made their point: leave off our land! Later that night the fat man, now seriously intoxicated, tells the new found friends that were they to solve this situation for him he would repay them with the finest wine around. They accept the offer and, after provisioning themselves, make their way in the direction of the disputed land.

The party travels south through the savanna towards the desert. After fighting a boar they realize they aren’t sure where their final destination is. Following a newly made trail to a small village they hire a guide and head off.

Before they make camp for the second time they come to a stream where the brawler spots a small group of kobolds. With the perceived enemy unaware the group formulates a battle plan and charge in, seizing the initiative. One kobold manages to escape after surrendering all his belongings to the brawling dwarf.

They camp

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